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Esmalglass·Itaca has developed a complete solution for the manufacturing of ceramic floor tiles of low thickness.

Low profile ceramic tiles will bring in a package of economical, environmental and logistical advantages, enhancing the manufacturers’ competitiveness both internally as well as a tool for market targeting purposes.


  • Reduction of the consumption of raw materials
  • Reduction in the cost of energy
  • Help lessening CO2 emissions
  • Reduction in the amount of generated residues and rejects
  • Stock reduction
  • Lower transportation cost
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduction of the final covering costs in the case of replacement (less work, less wastes …)
  • Provides the ceramic sector with a competitive edge over the producers of alternative products

New market advantages:

  • As a replacement product: low profile tile or thin tile can be directly laid over the existing floors, without the hassle of removing them.
  • Low profile tile or thin tile will be extremely useful as a low weight product suitable for: facades, ventilated walls, mobile ceramic panels and roofs.

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